Why Choose...   


Plans to Fit Everyone

There are ways that the most apparently solid existing financial plans can become even more efficient. These are some of my favorites:

  • Implement plan to pay-off debt in 9 years, or less, including a mortgage, without spending more money than the Individual or Business Owner is already spending

  • Design tax-shelters for individuals and business owners who have earned their way out of contributing to a Roth IRA

  • Fund Estate Plans to minimize federal and state estate/inheritance tax exposure to beneficiaries of high net worth individuals, keeping wealth in families for generations

  • Address Long-Term Care concerns with both LTCi insurance and/or Chronic, Terminal and Critical Illness Benefits on a life insurance policy death benefit that can be used, if needed, during life

  • Create special "Executive Bonus Plans" that incorporate a 3:1, tax-advantaged match for executives and their key employees

  • Help non-profit organizations, including hospitals, attract and retain executives and physicians, while simultaneously reducing costs

  • Protect families from losing their homes in the event that the breadwinner(s) dies or becomes disabled

Financial Plan and Insurance Policy Reviews

 I work for you, not for an insurance company, so there is no cookie-cutter,one-size fits all approach to our conversations and planning. We work together to make sure that every aspect of our process and of your policy gives you quietly confident peace of mind.


To meet your financial goals, we can put a quick life insurance policy into place, or we can take a look at your entire financial picture and create a path to the financial freedom that allows you to live a life you love.

I welcome the opportunity to review existing and new client policies. Life insurance is a dynamic field and as mortality tables change, new products become more competitive. I'll take a look at your existing coverage and needs and, if I can offer suggestions to strengthen your plan, I'll let you know. If it's already as efficient as it could possibly be, I'll let you know. Either way, you'll feel great about completing your review! 


Outside the Box Thinking

Sometimes the mainstream solution is the best fit for my clients, other times they benefit from creative solutions.  There are special advantages when using life insurance in non-traditional ways that not everyone can benefit from due to age and health...there is so much more to the power of life insurance than just income replacement!


What if the stereotypes and limitations about life insurance that you believed to be true, turned out not to be true...when would you want to know?

Are you unknowingly and unnecessarily losing money with your current spending habits and budget?

What if you could pay for your toddler's college education, using the money you're currently spending on student loans, your mortgage, and other debt?

What if you're financially starting over in life, due to divorce, job loss, health challenge, family emergency? Would you like to know if you are eligible to supercharge your tax-advantaged, lifetime retirement income?  Would you like to take risks, make investments and spend money, while still earning interest the dollars used as if you had never withdrawn your money from your account?


Would you like to use the extra money you are sending the bank to pay off your mortgage early to both purchase supplemental mortgage protection AND still pay-off your mortgage early...or keep your mortgage for the tax-deductions, but have the ability to make your monthly payments without using your monthly employment income to do it?